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July 26, 2013
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.:HMLS:. Magnolia Abby Hymmone by Kiyopee .:HMLS:. Magnolia Abby Hymmone by Kiyopee
:iconblacksparklesplz: :iconhmls: :iconblacksparklesplz:

:iconsparklesplz: HAIL BEST ICE CREAM ON ENGLAND :iconsparklesplz:

[Update, :v~ her tattoo is Biohazard sign~ in her back =u= and some relationship info~ and personality, some mispell and history ; 7 ; amg~ lame english everywhereee]



Name: Magnolia Abby Hymmone

Nickname: Abby

Age: 19 y.o

Position: Magus of XI-England

Your Real Life Job: Kindergarten teacher, Scientist, Nurse, Doctor on the XI division 8'D

Gender: Female

Weapon: Her left artificial arm, cause it was made by a Alchemist, it can turn into machine gun :iconheplz: her left arm looks small and thin because she used it too much for battle _(; w ; _) ,, with a poisoned bullet made from her own blood, //awwyea// she can use her machine gun about 5 hour max more than that she gonna faint and maybe coma (?)

:bulletwhite: really good in surviving, she was a guinea pigs for alchemist, so now she's good in dealing with any attack livingmasochistshieldlel
:bulletwhite: good in making medicine and some weird chemical
:bulletwhite: she can heal injury, by switching the wound into herself



:bulletgreen: she's actually caring and sweet
:bulletgreen: pranks its just another slice of cookie with chemical in it //becareful//
:bulletgreen: she hate it when people think that she's too small to be a scientist.
:bulletgreen:can change her personality (just for fun with others)
:bulletgreen: loner person, dont really get to crowds ;w; she scared of crowds
:bulletgreen:if u give her a compliment she used to be a denial tsundere =v=b
:bulletgreen:used to push herself but never realize it
:bulletgreen: she's unpredictable, sometimes she act clumsy and the next second she'll turn into a mommy like (?) //lol//
:bulletgreen:Fast learner, since she's a mad scientist she's not afraid of horrors etc,
:bulletgreen: read people,'s act and faces etc but cant read herself 8'3 lel


:bulletblack: SHE'S STUPID IN COMMON THINGSSS~~ LOL, dont bully her ;w;

:bulletblack: shes yandere

:bulletblack: born on 23 May (when magnolia bloom)

:bulletblack: she's only 159 tall (about 5"2.5

:bulletblack: living with 6 rabbit with food name and food scent OAO)w and now living with Aschi 8'D and the others

:bulletblack: Being a psycho its just another snack in afternoon

:bulletblack: and sometimes got it hard to spell someone's name or things that hard to spell

:bulletblack: Abby's nothing without her Artificial arm, and because of some failed experiment in the old days, her "survival" power became a virus inside her which gonna produce more telomerase enzym and will turn into a massive cancer inside her if she didn't put her Arm ring, or if she's not going into some battle //cause telomerase produce cells and abby got many of it, she need to let it out sometimes//srapp ah well i got no more idea ;w;


:bulletyellow: SHE ALWAYS SMILE, 8'D cause its written in books that "Smile" is the best emotion to show "There's nothing happend here"
:bulletyellow: never leave any trace when killing people uwu
:bulletyellow: If the old alchemist doesnt give her magazines to read, she maybe just gonna wear L to XL sized t-shirt with no pantsu
:bulletyellow: only recon 3 emotion in her life " Happy, Sad, Hate" the others? she dont know about it and just wondering about it

Relationship: she's not intrested if havent know u well :iconlazeplz: //kicked i mean... TBA ;w;

:bulletpink: Daddy like person, Zwart taught her many things, and one word from abby's heart about him is... " Mine " :iconchitandaahplz:

:bulletpink: Aschidia's second magus. beloved Duce, the Ice cream machine for her daily needs important person for her for she even don't know why.

:bulletpink: The first person she ever pranked before Lyx Dagsson , once with diarhea pills on cookies~ Lewl

:bulletpink: Pinky haired guy like a bubblegum, used to play with his dolls Fran'z pierre hazel riot

:bulletpink: Envy Hernandez fellow magus in England~ and another rabbit lovers <3

:bulletpink: The number one person she gonna after if Aschi wont allow her to get any ice cream Telford

:bulletpink: The one she trust to buy fruits and just for hanging around~ Alethea Dmitius

:bulletpink: Cutie snuggling pillow, another ice cream buddies, Eleanor Bennet use to snuggling each other

:bulletpink: the girl who used to help Abby with her hairstyle and clothes, Angela

:bulletpink: Little girl who she trust to take care of her Herbs~ Annie

:bulletpink: thinks that Fraser Archibalt is his lost brother (?) and used to buy cookies for pranks there 8'D //TOO FARRASCKSMCKS

:bulletpink: used to prank Lyx together, no matter what Xylo Beauvais LEL

:bulletpink: Duo Cutie Baka of ENGLAND with Freya Charlotte de Gardenia mostly they TRIPS ALOT TOGETHER,

:bulletpink: Potion maker friend, Junette now currenly gonna do some potion collabs~

:bulletpink: A big sister figure for abby, Serena thinks that she's really a cool big sis

:bulletpink: Abby is really excited by Silverto's wrapping candy skill,, she call him silver, and silverto promise her that he'll taught her to cook sometimes

:bulletpink: //tba ;w;

and some that i dont even remeber :iconpapcryplz:

Quote: "Some people live because of fate, and some of it live because its illegal to kill em"

sorry if there's any misspell QuQ)/
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Ahniki Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2013  Student Digital Artist
oh gosh, she's so short. SO ADORABLEEE >V< ///
Kiyopee Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
ASFGFHFGJ LOLIS CAUSE IM PEDOH :iconmaniacscreamplz:

thankyouuu--- :iconletmehugyouplz:
takarayume Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013  Student General Artist
Ohh soo adorable~! ; v ; ))/ Her ability is cool too!
Kiyopee Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
SSDDFGH really ?! ;;;w;;; asdgfhj her abilty maybe the weakest among all //crais
takarayume Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013  Student General Artist
hnngh yes! ; v ; sdvjs bahh it's really cool~ e v e sdfjbsakf
Kiyopee Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

//but she's a psycho--

adfgh but she's harmless too...

and weak.. :iconmingcryplz:
takarayume Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013  Student General Artist
Pssh mine'sprettyuselestoososhhhh---

djkvsk :icondatfaceplz: Abbycchi is precious okai?? :I
Kiyopee Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

then toby-kun  ish precioush thoooo :'I
takarayume Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013  Student General Artist
Kiyopee Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
asdfghjkl mybbyisamoronthoo

do dont worry //srapp
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